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Our values,
our ethics

Cobaty is a living force that generates friendship and respect under the aegis of a flawless ethic that privileges the sense of duty at its highest level, rather than personal ambition.

Cobaty, the passion to build well together



A ever-growing network, anchored on the building fields and distributed in 8 countries.

In a world where man lives more and more in an urban setting, it is essential to design, develop or renovate the City for the well-being of all.
 More than sixty years ago, the extraordinary vision of the few creators of Cobaty was to bring together within the same Association all the professions of the act of building, urbanism and the environment.  The result: 4,600 Cobatystes are now distributed among 134 Associations.  They share the same values and are driven by the same mindset: the passion to be and build together.

Well-being in the city: one of Cobaty’s main objectives. This is Boulevard de la République in Agen.

The President of District 4, the Secretary and President of Cobaty Caen around a winner of the "Trophée Cobaty Jeunes" «I enjoyed spending these few moments with those passionate about construction that are the Cobatystes. A passion that I have shared for five years through my engineering studies.”



A living force forged in friendship and respect under the aegis of a common unerring ethics.

All Cobatystes share common values based on four main principles:
• Encourage and cultivate high moral principles in the practice of their professions.
• Bring together men and women who want to think together about harmonizing their professional relationships.
• To be a force of reflection and proposal for the public interest and for the moral and intellectual enrichment of each, apart from any corporatist spirit.
• Have a disinterested, collegial, friendly, multidisciplinary approach.

Friendship for sesame                                                                                                                                              
Friendship is our rule.  It develops and enriches itself during our meetings and through exchanges both in France and abroad.
 In our civilization of consumption, I would like you to find in us, through reciprocal contacts, a more just reality of the scale of human values.  Cobaty will allow each member to reveal himself with all his personality, his sensitivity, his knowledge.”
Michel Marin , President of Cobaty (1972)


A moment of intense emotion, thanks and applause for the Montpellier 2023 Congress team.

The Annual Congress is the great moment when Cobaty shows strength and its influence.  As at the Paris City Hall in 2019.



Beyond all political, ideological, union, corporatist or confessional affiliations.

Cobaty is a real link between complementary professions.  The meeting of those who want to exchange, share, propose, act to improve the living environment.
 In this first part of the 21st century, construction is facing incredible societal challenges: energy performance of buildings, accessibility, quality of air, water and products, recycling of materials… These changes are pushing industry professionals to work better together.  Cobaty’s initial ambition is therefore still very current…

An induction of a new member made according to the customs and customs of Cobaty. The famous and delicious «leg bitumen» (tradition on construction sites to celebrate the completion of the shell). 

Visit of a factory producing surgical masks FFP2. As a health safety measure, the Cobatystes had to equip themselves for the visit.



The permanent concern for the general interest

This ethic is rooted in a number of moral values and principles initiated and carried by the founding members. The implementation of this ethics allows the Cobatystes to achieve the desired goal and described in the social object of the Association, in total independence from all political, ideological, trade union, corporatist or confessional affiliations.

By the exemplarity of its actions, with the permanent concern for the general interest, the Cobatyste puts its actions in harmony with the principles stated in the charters of Cobaty ("Citizenship", "Quality", "Environment"). A Superior Council of Ethics (CSE) ensures the application and respect of these principles. Its opinions and recommendations are essential in all Cobaty Associations.

L’économie circulaire dans le bâtiment

mon espace cobatyste